Anti-establishment parties make big gains in Spain’s elections

Spain’s two-party system is not dead, as predicted, but it took a beating in municipal and regional elections where the upstart parties, the leftist anti-austerity Podemos and the centrist market-friendly Ciudadanos, made big inroads into the ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) and the Socialists (PSOE), which between them have dominated political life for more than 30 years.

May 25, 2015

Inside Spain (20 April-19 May)

Spain stays in 11th position in Elcano’s Global Presence Index.
Podemos ideologue quits frontline politics, party moves towards the centre as support wanes.
Higher growth, stronger job creation and balanced budget in 2015-18.
Spain leads the world in WEF’s tourism competiveness ranking.
Volkswagen to invest €4.2bn in its Spanish plants.

May 20, 2015

Can Podemos win Spain’s next general election?

My talk at the Taylor Institution, Oxford University.

May 4, 2015

Northern Cyprus presidential victory revives hopes of reunifying the island

The overwhelming victory of Mustafa Akinci in the Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus presidential election raised hopes of progress finally being achieved in reunifying the ethnically divided island, split since Ankara’s 1974 invasion which was in response to an Greek-engineered coup seeking union with Greece.

April 27, 2015

Inside Spain (25 March-20 April)

Madrid and Caracas in dust-up over political prisoners.
Rodrigo Rato detained in tax fraud probe.
Bank of Spain upgrades growth to 2.8%, IMF follows suit with 2.5%.
ACS wins €1.85 billion Canada bridge contract.

April 21, 2015

The conflictive centenaries of the Armenian ‘genocide’ and Gallipoli

April 16, 2015

Mi carta en El País sobre el título que se puso a mi articulo sobre el genocidio armenio

April 16, 2015

El conflictivo centenario del genocidio armenio

Turquía está conmemorando con grandes fastos su victoria de 1915 en Gallípoli; este año ha adoptado un cariz conflictivo al coincidir con el centenario de los sucesos conocidos como el genocidio armenio, en el que la población de armenios otomanos perdió más de un millón de personas.

April 15, 2015

Spain’s crisis: where we are now. Remarks to the plenary session of the AHGBI annual conference

In order to better understand where Spain is today, you need to be briefly reminded of where the country is coming from.

April 13, 2015

Spain’s crisis: the state of play, FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival

Spain is the European Union’s fifth largest economy and a whopping 15 million British tourists visited the country last year, a record number and including, perhaps, some of you who are here today. In order to better understand where Spain is today, you need to know from where it is coming from and so I […]

March 29, 2015